April Newsletter Column

April Newsletter Column

Dear Church,

Easter Sunday is April 20th this year! As expected, we have a lot going on that weekend, and we have big desires for that special day. I ask you to be very strategic in how you approach Easter Sunday. Let’s let the power of the Cross and Resurrection be the driving factor.

I know that Easter outfits and lunch with the family, along with other things, are very important for Easter Sunday. And they should be! But I would like you to first think about who all you could get to come to church that day.

Friends who have not been to church in a while? Family who would like the invite and chance to see you? Neighbors who are looking for a good church? There are many people these days who still appreciate Easter for what it’s about. Let’s be intentional in the next few weeks to extend a loving welcome and invite to anyone and everyone that we can.

Easter is about the Resurrection of Jesus. And the resurrection of Jesus is about power. The power of God to make the dead Jesus a living Savior! That power is the very power that God uses to save sinners and change lives. Please know and trust and pray that as folks come to the worship service that Sunday, God will be working through the preaching of the Gospel to change their lives forever. His power is working and will be working!

So I ask you to get focused. Let’s make the most out of Easter this year. Let it not be just a time for us to come and get. But rather, let it be a time to reach out and see many people connected to God.

I will be ready. I am praying.

With all Sincerity,

Your Pastor, Josh