June Newsletter Column

June Newsletter Column

Dear Church,

Our annual church mission trip to Ecuador departs in less than a month (July 3). This trip will be the 5th straight year for our church sending a team to Camp Chacauco in Ecuador.

I am pleased to announce that this year’s mission team will be the biggest yet!

Our FBCF mission team members are:

  1. Jodi Cleaver (1st time going)
  2. Drew Dillman (2nd time going)
  3. Bryan Esterday (1st time going)
  4. Kevin Greer (3rd time going)
  5. Trinity Harrison (1st time going)
  6. April Kirk (4th time going)
  7. Luke Kirk (4th time going)
  8. Andrea Nguyen (1st time going)
  9. Rachel Nguyen (1st time going)
  10. Kyle Pomeroy (1st time going)
  11. Chelsey Pomeroy (1st time going)
  12. Cherish Puckett (1st time going)
  13. Linda Stivers (2nd time going)
  14. Michaela Stivers (2nd time going)
  15. Krista Ward (1st time going)
  16. Kennedy Ward (1st time going)
  17. Brenda Wood (5th time going)
  18. Pastor Josh Greene (6th time going)
  19. Valeria Greene ( Ha! She is from Ecuador!)
  20. JJ Greene (3rd time) 21. Eli Greene (3rd time) 22. Noah Greene (2nd time) and 23. Carolina Greene (1st time going)

God has used mission trips, perhaps more than any other experiences, to grow me in Christ. Please pray our great God will use the trips to do so much for His glory – both there & here!

“…that your way may be known on earth,

your saving power among all nations”

– Psalm 67:2

With all Sincerity,

Your Pastor, Josh