February Newsletter Column

February Newsletter Column

Dear Church,

Praise God there are many, many new people among us!

We are experiencing an increase in our church attendance. Each week there are first-time visitors. And each week we have people returning to worship with us. We thank God for this growth.

Our church offers 3-4 New Member’s Classes a year. This class is available to anyone who desires to understand more in-depth what it means to belong to a church. This month we have another New Member’s Class going. It has 16 people in it.

These 16 people are from all walks of life. Some are older and some are younger. Some are saved & baptized already, and some need to be baptized. Some are new to church, and some are coming from another church. This variety of people is a good sign that our church is growing in all areas with people from all walks of life. We thank God for working in their lives and for bringing them to us.

I want to encourage you to think about what this growth in our church means for you. Please hear me – a growing church means that there is involvement expected from you!

These people need relationships. They need to know people and be known by people. They need encouragement and accountability. They need love. They need real brothers and sisters in Christ who will help build them up in Jesus. In short, they need a church family.

Please be mindful of these needs. Make it a point to get to know people. Arrive to church services a few minutes early. Seek out new faces. Welcome them, get to know them, become their friends, pour into them. Let’s work hard to help new church people become seasoned church people. Let’s be a church that makes disciples. Rather, let’s be a church that makes disciples that make disciples! That sounds awesome! Let’s be about that!

We thank God for this growth – now let’s work hard to maintain it and grow on it!

I love our church!

With all Sincerity,

Your Pastor, Josh