April Newsletter Column

April Newsletter Column

Dear Church,

The Easter Egg Hunt this year was fantastic!

I was so proud of our church. I am estimating about 50-60 people who worked hard contributing together to make this event successful.

2014 was the first year that we did the community-wide Easter Egg hunt. At that Egg Hunt we had a little over 100 people. We were pleased with that turnout. This year we planned and prayed more, and we saw great growth. We had roughly 300 attend this year.

It is not easy for us to make this event happen. And it is not easy for us to make this a quality event. We are thankful to God for our community partnerships. Fairdale High School and Dairy Queen both contributed greatly to the Egg Hunt.

Let me explain to you why I am excited about this event. Our church mission statement is:

“We exist to proclaim Jesus while loving and serving both God and people.”

Through this Easter Egg Hunt we are able to live out our mission statement in a clear way. The event is free. The event is quick and smooth and simple. There are lots of candy-filled eggs for all the kids. We give away great prizes. And we give away lunch to all adults and children. The people who attend are happy to see us, a church, loving and serving them.

While we are hosting this Egg Hunt, we take the time (usually about 5-10 minutes) to introduce myself and our church. Then I also preach to the entire crowd about what Easter is really about. I was able to explain Jesus’s death and resurrection. And I was able to emphasize the need to be right with God and be ready for His return. In short, we were able to proclaim Jesus to them. Even better, we were able to proclaim Jesus to them while loving and serving them.

And that is what our church is all about. That is our mission. We are committed to that. And we are united in that mission. It took a lot of working together to pull it off. But that is what we are all about! Church, I am thankful for you and your heart, commitment, and devotion. I am looking forward to next year’s Egg Hunt!

With all Sincerity,

Your Pastor, Josh