May Newsletter Column

May Newsletter Column

Dear Church,

This past Sunday night, Josh Wamble preached a great sermon on how we are to treat people.

One verse that stuck with me is Titus 3:2 “Show perfect courtesy toward all people.”

I love, love, love this thought! It is our desire as a church that everyone we encounter and interact with would receive sincere courtesy from us. Remember, our mission statement says we desire to love and serve all people.

And while we may think, or hope, that we are courteous, we need to further consider whether the community around us recognizes us as God’s courteous people.

One of the best ways to show our sincerity, our love, our courtesy, is to serve people. When we are humbly putting people before us, and as more important than ourselves, it is precisely then that they see our courtesy and therefore, feel our love. Jesus’ life and ministry show us this quite clearly.

So, serving is a big deal! Let me suggest several newer opportunities for you to serve:

  • Volunteering in the Concessions Stand at the Fairdale Youth League. Our church is sending a group of 4-5 people each Tuesday night. What a fun way to be around kids, impact the community, and represent our church.
  • Volunteering at the Elmcroft Assisted Living Home. All summer long, we will send a group there every other Wednesday night. Loving on elderly folks is such a rich blessing.
  • Volunteering at Vacation Bible School. I expect this year’s VBS to be our best yet. For 5 nights one week in early June, we will serve the kids of this community. There are many different jobs to do. There is a spot for everyone.

If you are moved by God’s word for us to be courteous to the community around us, and you agree with me that serving them is a great way to be courteous, then will you please consider signing up to volunteer in any of these three areas? We would be thrilled to have you there. Please let me know.

With all Sincerity,

Your Pastor, Josh