Message from Pastoral Intern: Drew Dillman

Message from Pastoral Intern: Drew Dillman

Dear Church Family,

If you all haven’t already heard or seen, I am back home for the summer and am so happy and excited to be surrounded and involved with the body of brothers and sisters in Christ I call my church family. I can say with much confidence that I have a church family that sure does love me. I have received many cards and letters this year from people that encourage me and build me up when I am away at school. I couldn’t be more grateful for the love and support that my church family so graciously pours out upon me.

While home this summer, I am the Pastoral Intern for our church and have already been busy working with Pastor Josh the past several weeks. And since you all have already been so supportive, I’d like to list a few ways you can continue to support me this summer as I gain experience and knowledge through this position:

  • Prayer: It is so encouraging to come home and to see my name on the prayer sheet knowing that my church family is praying to God and making supplication on my behalf. Prayer is the life blood of the Christian, and I know that the prayer and encouragement from you all has blessed me in many ways. Continue to pray for me and the ministry I will be doing this
    summer in our community. Also, how can I pray for you? Please just send me a short email or note giving me ways I can do the same for you. I want my prayer life to grow and flourish this summer, with your help.
  • Talk: If we have not met or talked, please try to find me so we can just talk and get to know one another a little better. Since I am away most of the year, there is a lot that goes on while I am gone; and as our church grows, I feel somewhat disconnected from new members that I would love to meet and grow closer to you. And if you have someone you’d like to connect me with, I’d love to do that.
  • Serve: As the Pastoral Intern this summer, much of my position evolves around our community and ways to get more involved. If you have any ways I can serve you or others in the Fairdale community, please contact me and I’d love to do what I can to be a servant to you and the community. This could involve anything from volunteering, cutting grass or
    talking to kids about the Bible. Just connect with me so we can try to get it set up.

Again, thank you all for your unending love and support. I hope to be an encouragement
and blessing to you, our church, and our community this summer with the main goal of
furthering the name of Christ to Fairdale. And please know that I love you all, too.

In Christ,

Drew Dillman