July Newsletter Column

July Newsletter Column

Dear Church Family,

On July 9th our church will send a mission team to Ecuador.

This will be our 6th straight year of sending a team to Ecuador. This is a strong mission partnership for our church, and I am especially encouraged about how God is using these trips.

We have a solid team of eight of our church people going on this year’s trip.

1) Pastor Troy Harrison   2) Jodi Cleaver 3) Drew Dillman 4) Issac Domenech 5) Chelsey        Pomeroy 6) Kyle Pomeroy 7) McKenzie Pruitt and 8) Krista Ward

Three of those eight team members are going to Ecuador for their very first time. The other five team members have been to Ecuador at least one time before.

I am especially excited for this year’s trip for two main reasons:

  1. I am not going. Let me be clear, I wish that I were going! But due to us having a little baby, I am going to stay home this year with my family. This is a good thing for our church. It is an opportunity for Pastor Troy to lead this trip, and it is an opportunity for our church to go overseas and serve the Lord without me in charge. That is great! And it is yet another sign of how much God is growing our church spiritually. We thank God for the leaders in our church. And we thank God that He continues to raise up more leaders.
  2. This trip the team will be serving in both the jungle and the mountains. This is a great opportunity. Our church has served in the jungle once before, but we rarely get the opportunity to serve in both. Our team members will get to see and experience a lot. They will get to observe and participate in what God is doing in Ecuador. I am praying that God uses them mightily there and that they come back more focused on Jesus than before.

Our church’s mission statement, and therefore our commitment, is to “exist to proclaim Jesus while loving and serving both God and people.” This trip to Ecuador is a powerful example of how our church is doing this. I hope we all know how much we are living out this mission in the Louisville area, but may we all also be concerned for our church’s involvement globally. Please join me in praying faithfully for this year’s mission team and trip.

I am humbled and proud to be your pastor.

With all sincerity,

Pastor Josh Greene