April Newsletter Column

April Newsletter Column

Dear Church,

Life is moving quickly and with that, church life is moving quickly as well. Easter is now behind us. We are in the thick of 2016 already. We have had leaders in our church move on to new places. And we are seeing many new people come to be a part of our church. That is a lot for us to keep up with! It is good stuff, but it can be overwhelming.

While church life is full of activities and changes, one constant remains – that is the focus on the Word of God. The Bible is what unites us, and our devotion to it must be increasing!

It is with this in mind that I want to encourage you to focus on the preaching of the Bible. We are beginning a new Sunday Morning Sermon Series on the Gospel of Mark. Each Sunday morning, I will be preaching through the entire book of Mark verse by verse.

This is a great opportunity for you for many reasons. 1) You will learn the Gospel of Mark, 2) You will grow in your understanding of the Word of God like never before, 3) You will establish a weekly continual building of your faith as you pick up where you left off each Sunday morning, 4) You will learn the specifics of Jesus’s life, ministry and saving work, and 5) You will further understand what a true healthy church is and how the Word of God unites us.

At first thought these 5 points seem commonplace and understood already. And maybe they are for some of you. But I believe that we have not experienced them yet. And that is what we are desiring and praying for–for our church to be a people who long for God’s word and they are devoted to hearing it every single week. I want that from our church!

Hear the words of Paul to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:13 “give attention to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation and teaching.”

My prayer is for us to be a living picture of that devotion to God’s word. While there is a lot of coming and going, life is full and busy, may we be strong, focused and committed to God’s Word being poured into us each and every week!

With all sincerity,

Your pastor, Josh