December Newsletter

December Newsletter

Church Family,

This past Saturday, Valeria and I loaded up JJ, Eli, Noah, Carolina and Liliana in our van, and we headed up to the local Christmas tree lot. We searched out all the Frasier Fir trees and finally decided on one that was just perfect for our family. We then tied it to the top of our van and brought it home. The kids had a blast decorating the tree. What a great time!

I love Christmas season! This holiday, like Easter, goes along with church beautifully. It is normal and right for Christians to enjoy celebrating Christmas.

For a while now, we have been having a Christmas Candlelight service.
But a few years ago, we moved this special service to Christmas Eve. On December 24th at 6pm, we will all gather here for a very meaningful Christmas Eve service. The service will end with all of us holding a lit candle and singing songs to God. I am really looking forward to this special night. I will have my wife and children with me in the service and any other relatives that may be up visiting us.

The Christmas season is such a time for gathering and family and parties. I say that to say that the Christmas Eve service is an excellent way for you to lead your friends and loved ones to look to God. The service will be very simple and friendly. It will only last about 45-50 minutes. There will be plenty of children in the service. There will be lots of singing. I will speak from God’s Word, but only for about five minutes. Again, the Christmas Eve service is the ideal situation to bring someone to church.

We are printing out invite cards for all of you to have and use leading up to the service. I am already praying and seeking who all we can invite. I hope you will do the same.

This Christmas I am longing for my family to be focused on Jesus more than ever, and I am sure that the Christmas Eve service will help us look to Christ!

With all sincerity, Your pastor!